Or How To Manage Dialogues

Aramacao and dialogues

Aramacao projects can only manage one character at once, this may be an unsatisfactory feature when a character is involved in a dialogue with other characters.

Aramacao has some tools to ease this shortcoming.

The "compare with…" tool

Let’s say we have a dialogue between two characters, Operator and Captain:

Example 1. dialogue

Operator: All systems are ready, captain.

Captain: OK then, let’s go!

Operator: Yes sir!

First, run Aramacao, set up a new project for Operator and enter his lines.

Operator's lines

Then synchronize the Operator’s first line.

Operator's ready

Save the project.

Now run a second instance of Aramacao, set up a new project for Captain and enter his lines. It could be a good idea to have the windows organized on vertical stacks:

Stacked windows

Click on 'Track→Compare with…' or click on the second icon from right on the toolbar. The "Compare with…" dialog pops up, it lets you compare your actual project with another one.

Compare with

Select the Operator’s project and click OK. Now the Operator’s lines are visible in the Captain’s project.

Compare with

Synchronize the Captain’s line and save the project. From the Operator’s window run the "Compare with…" dialog and select the Captain’s project.

Clicking on 'Track→Refresh comparison track' or clicking on the first icon from the right on the toolbar lets you reload the comparison track: if there are saved changes in the other project, these changes are now shown.

Aramacao at work with two characters

A good window manager can be of great help in this case.